Star Spangled Blunder

You have to forgive Christina Aguilera for her “errors” in singing the USA Anthem of Star Spangled Banner. During the NFL Super Bowl XLV, Aguilera bled out her lungs, struggling to sing the national anthem. Upon listening, the song really wasn’t in her full vocal range. With a record 111 million people watching on, what can you do, but continue to sing and get it on.


However, Aguilera isn’t the worst one… flash back to 1990, with comedian Roseanne Barr, for some odd reason, was asked to sing the national anthem… with huge disasterous results.


But, while this next tune isn’t Star Spangled Banner, this is just as bad. Yummy MILF Denise Richards, got the attention of the entire crowd, not with her looks and boobs, but her vocal range, singing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” at a baseball match.


Sorry for ruining your speakers.




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