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Treme – Season 2

The guys who brought you The Wire, one of our favourite shows is back for a second season – Treme.

The first season dropped us into the New Orleans area, based 5 months after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. People were returning to a disaster area. Traditional festivals were threatening to be wiped away due to no money, food and supplies. The tourism industry in a slump. The show centralizes on various characters and their point of views: an author with writers block, a chef whos restaurant was struggling to keep going due to funding and supply issues, a musician trying to make it to the big time, a struggling trombone player trying to make ends meet, a bar owner trying to find her missing brother who was sent to prison and has disappeared during the flooding, two buskers making a living off busking, and a regular citizen in charge of the parades, trying to get back on their feet.

So far HBO have only released a musical teaser, but it whets the appetite, hearing those jazz and brass tunes.

In fact, why not enjoy the entire theme, John Boutte – Treme Song




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