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Lonely Hearts Club

Men, do you find yourself alone on a Saturday night lonely?


Gone through a separation?

Your ex has ransacked your DVD collection and taken all your Region 4 and 1 movies? Thinking about angina?

Then turn on your wireless and tune into ABC Radio National for The Lonely Hearts Club.

Join your friends who you haven’t met yet – four gentlemen with little or no broadcasting experience. They’re just as damaged as you are, but they met at a men’s group in Healesville, Victoria. They include host¬†Richard Silk (entrepreneur), Duncan Jardine (director), Lucas Dawson (choreographer), Terry Wood (athlete) with guests Roger Cunnington (inventor) and Wesley de Shon (poet).

With special guests dropping by, such as Jane Allsop, Adam Zwar, Sally Mathrick, Tim Rogers, Alan Brough and more, all your questions and problems can be answered, but not guaranteed. If they are solved, they are not backed up with any legal responsibility.

Available to stream or download as a podcast, The Lonely Hearts Club started on Saturday 12 February, 10pm (sorry, we were late to publish this). But due to our slackness of taping our hearts together and sitting over comfort food that consisted of sausage rolls with diced carrots while watching Blue Heelers DVDs that make William McInnes look like he’s slowly dismantling the police station set, you will forgive us as their previous show outings are available via podcast.

Visit The Lonely Hearts Club online at abc.net.au/rn/thelonelyheartsclub

Or join the conversation on Twitter: @LoneHeartClub




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