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For many up-and-coming music artists, getting your foot in the door of a major record label is difficult. Especially when they don’t have any intentions of covering your music style. There’s also the manner of earning “profits” from your releases. (watch John Safran’s Music Jamboree for more) So, that’s where independent record labels come into play, but not necessarily for those reasons.

There’s PLENTY of music gold in various independent labels. An associate of Wireless Fodder, Clear Springs Entertainment, is a fine example of covering the Melbourne Indie scene, making names of average people, just like your neighbour.

SoundsLikeBrisbane is claiming to be a possible world first, collaborating more than 17 independent labels (and still growing) under the one banner, to give you more accessibility and exposure to an ever-expanding library from garage and cafe bands, to major groups that have been around for donkeys years. (check out RegurgitatorNrob Bmud below). Some labels include Plus One Records, Mere Noise, Dew Process, Turkeyneck, Room 40, El Nino El Nino, Red Tape Entertainment, Starving Kids, Valve Records and a lot more.

So why don’t you turn up the speakers, grab your favourite beverage, park your arse on the seat and enjoy a wide variety of songs – most of them for free to download – and support independent labels and artists.

Sounds Like Brisbane 2011 Label Sampler

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