Capril 2011

If you’re a regular visitor to this site, you may have noticed that we’re fans of the former radio comedy show “Get This“, with veteran comedian Tony Martin, actor Ed Kavalee and panel operator and anchor Richard Marsland, which began in 2006. With the popular fan base that this show had in the short period of 2 years, many comedy routines, sketches, quotes and themes were remembered and recited, such as themed months like Borgust (where listeners dressed up in really dodgy robotic costumes) and Capril (where for the whole month, you would wear a cape in general public). It was a disappointment that the show was axed from its station Triple M in 2007. However, newbies Kavalee and Marsland developed a fan base, with each of them picking up with other radio shows.

Get This – Capril audio (from 2007)

What brought the Australian comedy scene into shock was when on 6 December 2008, news reported of Marsland had passed away, with a history of severe depression. His fans have never gotten over the shock, and what began as a fan club starting a tradition of wearing a cape throughout April, has now gone to the open public, supporting beyondblue.

To raise awareness of depression, just wear a cape anytime during the month of April, take a photo, and send it to Capril.org. In fact, if people look and stare at you, charge them a gold coin donation to beyondblue. While you’re on Capril’s site, check out the interviews and guest bloggers who write about their experiences with depression. There’s many varies of depression, so it’s not just about being a standard sadness.

So why not join the crowd, wear a cape and be proud!







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