Wreck It Hard

Allow me to get personal for a moment.

I’m not a fan of vandalism, or graffiti.

However, after a trip to Melbourne recently, floating around the cafes and restaurants in downtown CBD opened up my eyes to the visual display of street art, graff, and other wall art. If done in a tasteful way, it can make a dull looking alleyway into a bright and wonderful alley where you would let your kids play in.

This is why I love competitions like the Red Bull Wreckers Yard.

This competition consists of a seven city qualifiers: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Auckland and Wellington. Each qualifier will host eight of the best graff artists from that region to battle it out against one another, displaying their artistic flair, whilst spraying against the clock.

Artists will be provided with just a blank canvas and cans of spray paint to do their thing. Each round will be based on a theme, given to the competitors a minute out from the start of the round. Some examples of themes could include greed, lust, nature, fear or freedom. The artists will then have to spray according to the theme.

As the rounds go on, the time limit increases, but the canvas size gets smaller, pushing the boundaries of creativity. The judging criteria include creativity, style and theme interpretation.

The winners can win a range of prizes such as Skullcandy and G-Shock gear, and be flown to Melbourne for the final. The major winner of the final will take home $1000 cash and a chance to design a set of Skullcandy headphones, and also graff part of the Red Bull Sydney Headquarters.

Not too shabby hey?

Check out where the local qualifier rounds are near you, and get your juices flowing..

For more details: head to redbull.com.au/wreckersyard

Melbourne 21 May – 7pm
1000 Pound Bend
361 Little Lonsdale Street

Wellington 21 May – 7pm
Bar Bodega
101 Ghuznee Street

Auckland 28 May – 7pm
Neighbourhood Brewbar
498 New North Road

Perth 3 June 9:30pm
The Bakery
233 James Street

Adelaide 4 June – 8pm
The Old Exchange
235 Grenfell Street

Brisbane 9 June – 7pm
Bar Soma
4/22 Constance Street
Fortitude Valley

Sydney 16 June – 7pm
The Courthouse Hotel
202 Australia Street

Melbourne 25 June 2011 – 7pm
The Evelyn Hotel
351 Brunswick Street



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