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Super 8

What do you get when you combine two well known critically acclaimed directors who have a science-fiction background, and a camera?

This baby.

Super 8 takes its name from the type of camera film that was highly popular in the 60s – 70s where it was used as a main home style camcorder. Set in 1979 in Ohio, we meet a young kid – Joe Lamb (Joel Courtney), a child who’s father is Deputy Sheriff ¬†Jackson (Kyle Chandler), who lost his wife on a workplace accident. Joe hands out with a small group of young enthusiastic amateur film makers are set to make the coolest zombie horror drama movie with no budget. Cashing in on scenery so they don’t need to produce it, the kids are filming late at night at a rural train station, when they see an air force train in the distance, and quickly film while the train is going past for “production value”. Amidst filming, a stray car hops on the railway tracks, and smashes into the train, destroying everything in its path. But one carriage starts to shake and explodes, thinking one mysterious thing is inside.

The next day, Jackson starts receiving reports of engines from cars missing, constant power outages, people disappearing, pets running away to suburbs several kilometres away and the military setting up camp in the quiet town. While Jackson is trying to get to the bottom of it, Joe and friends develop the film from the train station scene, only to discover they’ve accidentally caught something mysterious during the train wreck…

Combining the efforts of Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams, you can see this movie has their fingerprints all over it. With the disaster explosions has Abrams’s trademarks, and the science fiction and love story that has the hallmarks of Spielberg, Super 8 is quite an enjoyable film. With terrific special effects, and outstanding talent from the child actors, this is as close to an action sci-fi family film that will please everyone, without putting you to sleep.

Think Close Encounters blending with Cloverfield, minus the shaky cam. Throw in a bit of Goonies for good measure.

Note the cameo by Dan Castellaneta and sit through the end credits.. you’ll be in for a treat.

This is mint.

[xrr rating=4/5]




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