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Review: Abbe May – Design Desire

I hope you have your change purse and ears ready.

Design Desire is the new album from Perth muso Abbe May. The 10 track listing is loud and rough when first tuning in, but after during the second listen and onwards, you know what you’re in for – and it rocks hard.

Abbe May has found a delicious fusion of the distorted rock guitar and angelic vocal range that gives the presense that if there was a rock concert performed at the pearly gates, this could be the soundtrack. For fans of the now defunct White Stripes, Design Desire is the best candidate to fill the void.

Highlight tracks that stand out on this album are the  vibrant Mammalian Locomotion, the cruisey Taurus Chorus, the melodic piano piece Blood River, and signature Design Desire.

This pretty much makes Abbe May easily a rock goddess.

Purchase Design Desire now through iTunes or through her official site.

Get your ears cranking now.




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