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Review: Horrible Bosses

We’ve all had issues at work. Some of it can be down to paperwork, a sloppy co-worker, or just a dickhead of a Boss.

In this case, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day all suffer the same fate. A Boss who grinds their gears.

Nick (Bateman) loves his job, but when he arrives 1 minute late (okay, 2 minutes… okay.. 2 minutes and a few seconds), his Boss Dave (Kevin Spacey) slams him over the 2 minute work loss that Nick just cost the company. Nick, all hopeful for a promotion, with subtle hints from Dave that he might get it, suffers a set back when it turns out that Nick absorbs the rightful job into his own.

Kurt (Sudeikis) is swimmingly happy in his position. His Boss, Jack (Donald Sutherland) treats him well and with respect. However, Jack’s son Bobby (Colin Farrell) is an angry, racist, sexist, discriminating, drug taking employee who ends up taking the management role over when Jack dies of a heart attack, not long after he tells Kurt that he could have a management role in the future.

Dale (Day) is a male dental assistant … a nurse. His boss Julia (Jennifer Aniston) is a nymphomaniac who wants to sleep with Dale. Dale refuses as he has a loving fiancee and very committed to his future wife. However, Julia has framed Dale while he was under anesthetic, having photos taken in provocative poses. Either Dale has sex with Julia, or Julia blackmails Dale with a story that he has had sex with her, to his fiancee.

Upon one drunken shin-dig, Nick, Kurt and Dale toy around with the idea of killing their bosses. When they go searching for a hitman in a sleazy suburb, they meet Dean “Motherfucker” Jones (Jamie Foxx), a man who claims to be on the wrong side of the law. Upon paying his fee, he claims to be their ‘murder consultant’, in which he organises them to kill their other friend’s bosses. While beginning to research to find out how to kill each boss, good things happen for the wrong reasons.

A terrific cast of well known comedians and teams, the chemistry bounces off the screen with Sudeikis, Bateman and Day spitballing off each other. With cameos galore (Julie Bowen, Ioan Gruffudd, Isaiah Mustafa and Wendell Pierce playing a similar role from Bunk in The Wire), Horrible Bosses  has laughter left, right and centre, with getting in touch with your naughty side. Aniston stands out with straight forward potty mouthed descriptions which will have the male audience wagging their tongues a little.


[xrr rating=4/5]




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