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Nicola Charles – Listening In Colour

If you ever watched Channel 10 soapie Neighbours in the 90s, you’d see the string of beauties moving in and out of Ramsay Street. Kimberley Davies, Emma Harrison, Natalie Imbruglia, but my favourite was British import Nicola Charles. Nicola’s character Sarah Beaumont was the first one to initiate the string of adultery and affairs with Dr Karl Kennedy. Sarah was eventually written out of the show by marrying a hippy doctor after being set up by her mother. Sarah was only mentioned by passing name in future episodes, only to return briefly on screen in 2005 for the 20 year anniversary of Neighbours.

While Nicola’s career tried to take off outside of the show, she had a small role in the aussie film Muggers. She also attempted a music career a la Kylie Minogue, with her first single meaning to appear on the Scooby Doo motion picture soundtrack. Alas, this never eventuated, with her debut album “Listening In Colour” going nowhere.

Until now.

Nicola operates her fan page on Facebook on a regular basis, and posted her album that hasn’t had an official pressed release, online to listen to for free.


If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, enjoy Dr Karl explaining to Sarah how to play golf and hold certain objects the correct way.



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