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Austin Powers The Musical

With the not-so-secret news of Mike Myers signed on to make a fourth Austin Powers film, there are rumours of  taking the horny british spy creation to broadway in the near future.

Nothing is set in stone though, as while Myers has agreed to make the fourth film that does not have an official release date, the “source” has stated that Myers will not be on the stage show performing, but will write and create the musical if all goes ahead.

A musical stage show could work, as the Austin Powers Soundtracks are full of entertaining music, while the movies are filled with musical references. Here are some songs in the movies which could potentially rock on stage.

Ming Tea – Daddy Wasn’t There

Dr Evil – Just The Two Of Us

Dr Evil – Meow Mix

Burt Bacharach – What The World Needs Now

Quincy Jones – Soul Bossa Nova

and maybe they can replace Dr Evil with Random Task for Hard Knock Life (Google it… it’s a sad reference)

News source: SMH



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