Crappy All Over

Mainstream supermarkets Coles and Woolworths are dominating the Australian household so much these days, it’s turning many people off from what was a happy and competitive market, to nearly destroying independent stores and eliminating product competition with cheaper “home brand” items. This can be a win situation for the consumer, but also lose jobs for companies who aren’t selling enough product in the stores as more home brand products go off the shelves due to low cost pricing.

Behind these low price marketings, come a series of commercials. Coles has the “Down, Down, Prices Are Down” giant pointy red hand campaign, using a modified jingle of 70s rock band Status Quo‘s hit tune Down Down, Deeper and Down.


Status Quo – Down Down Deeper and Down

Along with these ads, Coles have on board celebrity TV chef Curtis Stone, promoting their fresh produce range and a “Feed Your Family For Under $10” campaign, which was successful and a flop at the same time, with a jingle which was decent until it was overplayed.

To rival the popularity of Stone, Woolworths signed on Australia’s favourite kitchen grandmother – Margaret Fulton. This caused more rife between the two grocery stores.

Now, Coles has started off the new year with a new zinger: dusting off veteran Aussie 60s rocker Normie Rowe to get him to star with Stone and destroy one of his well known chart topping hits – “Shakin’ All Over“. This is possibly the worst commercial so far of 2012.

Normie Rowe – Shakin’ All Over


Welcome to hell. Keep your arms and legs inside the carriage and enjoy the ride.




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