Frank Woodley As Woodley

Hooray! A year delay and it’s finally here!

Frank Woodley, the other half of former comedy duo Lano & Woodley (the first half being friend Colin Lane) has created his own show Woodley. Woodley plays Woodley, a single father to a 7 year old daughter, Ollie (Alexandra Cashmere) who goes through extreme slapstick lengths to get back with his wife, Em (Justine Clarke). However, his efforts seem lifeless due to Em’s boyfriend, Greg (Tom Long) constantly getting in the way.

With a promising history of comedy, Woodley (the comedian, not the show) has produced the show from scratch. While it was filmed over a year ago, it was originally meant to screen on the ABC in 2011, but has been bumped to start 8pm Wednesday February 22nd, 2012.

Stick your eyes to this promising and overdue 8 part comedy series!




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