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Chevy Chase Is Musical, And You’re Not!

For years, comedian Chevy Chase has entertained us from appearing on television in vintage Saturday Night Live and The Chevy Chase Show,  to blockbuster and shonky films like Three Amigos, Fletch, National Lampoon Vacation series, Caddyshack, then back to TV again for the NBC cult show Community.

But did you know Chevy is musical talented?

Other than having “absolute pitch“, Chevy has appeared in a few music videos. He also was in a band himself, but more on that later.

In the 80s, Chevy had reached his absolute peak on stardom, so why not exploit the situation and help out some good friends by appearing in some music videos?

Voices That Care

Recorded in 1991, the song cameo-ed many artists and musicians from the late 80s and early 90s. Performing together to to raise morale for US Troops that were fighting in the Middle East, Chevy makes two “blink and you’ll miss” appearances. Looking enthusiastic too. (Hint: 3:11 and 4:23)

Ray Parker Jr – Ghostbusters

Chevy really didn’t feature in the song itself, more of an appearance in the Ghostbusters video clip. Dan Aykroyd pulled out his buddies for brief appearances to say “GHOSTBUSTERS!” (Hint: 1:14 and 3:57). It’s amusing to watch though, especially with some cameos from some very odd people who look a bit out of place … Peter Falk, anyone?

Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al

Recorded in 1986, Musician Paul Simon released this hit single from his hugely successful Graceland album. When it came to making a music video, one was made, but Paul refused to release it as “it was bad, it was really bad”.  SNL producer Lorne Michaels suggested Chevy to make a simple and effective video as Chevy “knew all the words – so let him sing it”. Being best friends since 1975 when Chevy helped write and produce the SNL Paul Simon special – it was easy as pie.

Anything Community

There’s too many to list here, but Chevy has either performed or sang a few songs in the show. “Britta’s A B” and even a rip-off of Bruce Hornsby classic “The Way It Is”, an altered version for Greendale College’s theme song.

… and the bonus…

Chamaeleon Church

Not a visual appearance, but back in the 60s, Chevy was a drummer and keyboardist for a psychedelic rock back Chamaeleon Church. Signed to MGM Records, they released one album before disbanding in 1969. (Even before this time, he was in a college band The Leather Canary). Peace man!




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