FHM Goes Bust

FHM Australia, the spawn of the British magazine of the same title, aimed at males by printing images of scantily clad women, has had the rug pulled out from under them.

The monthly printed magazine filled with articles based on sex, women, alcohol, boys toys and entertainment, will have its May 2012 issue as the last issue published for good. Factors of the Global Financial Crisis, the popularity of the sister weekly publication ZOO Weekly and circulation culling in the last couple of years contributed to the demise of FHM, which launched its first issue in 1998 to compete with ACP’s RALPH magazine, launched in 1997. The first issue in 1998 had Australia’s hot female TV stars of the time –  Isla Fisher, Emma Harrison, Mimi Macpherson, Donna Gubbay, and Yvette Duncan gracing the fold-out front cover. ACP Magazines, which was publishing RALPH, bought FHM Australia from EMAP, the original publishers of FHM. Ironically, RALPH suffered it’s death in June 2010, with the same reasons.

In memory of the magazine, here’s a few favourite covers of the women who have graced the magazine. Note: We used to own all issues from Number 1 to Number 102, but due to storage issues – they were sold off a few years ago. After some image searching, many of the front covers were replicated from international issues and vice versa.

Holly Valance

The cast of Baywatch

Imogen Bailey

… and…

Nicola Charles





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