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Voice Actors Do Star Wars Radio Play

What do you get when you gather highly respected and well known voice actors of your favourite animated series, and a script of Star Wars?

Ask Emerald City Comic Con. Because they did it.

Along with many comic and pop culture conventions in the USA, the Emerald City Comicon was held in Seattle, Washington was held late March this year. Everything from comic book artists to voice actors make appearances over the years, having Q&A time, and promoting up and coming projects.

This year, a pure gem was pushed on to stage. Voice actors Billy West (Futurama, Ren & Stimpy), Tara Strong (Rugrats, Powerpuff Girls), Maurice LaMarche (Futurama, Sonic Underground, Cool World) John DiMaggio (Futurama, Bee Movie, TMNT), Kevin Conroy (Max Payne 2, Batman), Jess Harnell (Animaniacs, Crash Bandicoot) and Rob Paulsen (Darkwing Duck, Dexter’s Labratory, Pinky & The Brain) sat at the table and re-created the magic of the Star Wars films, albeit in their own special way.

"We'll be axed before our cartoon even plays on FOX."

Every few pages, they were instructed to change roles of the Star Wars characters, but each time they changed, they had to use a voice from a character they’ve played in their career. An example is Paulsen, reads the line of a Stormtrooper, but uses his voiceover as Pinky from Pinky & The Brain. DiMaggio playing Luke Skywalker, but using Bender from Futurama to do the role. Then after a few pages, someone else took over.

So, if you have 1 hour and 20 minutes to spare, enjoy this new form found of nerd and geeky entertainment.

For more information, hit up Emerald City Comicon‘s official site.





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