25 Minute Amazing Spider-Man

The hype and build up of a blockbuster film is an entertaining but cautious area to tread, if it is done right. After the major successes of the Spider-Man movie franchise, starring Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, the webbed superhero has been given a re-boot. But how do you fix something that wasn’t broke in the first place?

Answer: make sure you promote the fuck out of it.

In hoping to achieve the success of the first three films, The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, is getting much exposure.

It began with a teaser.

Then a teaser trailer.

Then a trailer.

Then another trailer.

Then a 4 minute preview trailer.

Then a scene grab.

Then another scene grab.

I think you get the point…

Then, someone got a lightbulb idea, grabbed all the teasers and trailers available, and mashed them into the one video, making it a wicked 25 minute trailer of a 136 minute film… that comes out July 3, 2012.

Watch it at Screen Crush while you can, with a blurb on how the movie came about.

Your spidey-senses will tingle.



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