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Teasers: Dexter S7 and Breaking Bad S5

*cough* potential spoilers!

The hype for two of the greatest dramas currently on television is drumming up.

AMC’s Breaking Bad¬†hits American screens from July 15 for the final fifth season, covering 16 episodes. But, pulling a “Sopranos Sixth Season”, it will be split into two, Season 5 part 1 with 8 episodes in 2012, and Season 5 part 2 with the remaining 8 episodes for 2013. What a dick tease.

As the fourth season wrapped, showing our hero Walter White (Bryan Cranston) finally knocking ultimate anal-retentive druglord Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) off his perch, knocking half his face off at the same time. What will Season 5 bring?

Showtime’s Dexter dons the warming glow of America’s television screens September 30, 2012 for the seventh season. According to various sources, it will pick up exactly where we were left with Dexter (Michael C Hall), making his Season 6 final bad guy kill, but getting busted by Deborah (Jennifer Carpenter), who was going to confess her weirdly undying crush on her adopted brother. How will she react?

If like me, you’re partially disappointed by the trailers, but that’s what teasers are… to tease and remind you not to forget your favourite shows are just around the corner. Smart!



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