Bagging Community

There has never been such a bigger fan base I have been apart of with a TV show. Well.. other than The Simpsons and Arrested Development and Dexter and Breaking Bad

But I’m mainly referring to the fan base I am happy to be soaking up and acknowledging to show my nerdiness. That show is Community.

Many posts have been written about Community on here, so this next installment is a fantastic presentation that was even acknowledged by Jeff Winger himself, Joel McHale.

YouTube user webbox100 has created a scene in Community where Britta introduces Abed to a new show “Inspector Spacetime” – a Community parody of Doctor Who – due to his favourite show Cougar Town being bumped to the summer sweeps.

The below is a re-creation of that scene and more, all using paper bags.

Yes, paper bags.

Check it out – the voices are near spot-on too.

Season 3 of Community will be out on DVD soon.



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