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Community Season 4 Airing Someday


The powers that be at NBC are toying with us all yet again. While the moderately successful TV ratings of Community do not compare to the major huge fan base online, the fourth season was meant to start in the death time slot of Friday night in the US on October 19. Only a few days beforehand – it was yanked. The reason being that NBC could invest in the slightly successful shows already on air, then once they’re done their run, Community may receive some decent treatment – including a possible better time slot.

While it’s slightly devastated the loyal fan base, the cast and crew released their own promo, paying homage to the fan base that had organised flash-mobs and friendly protests outside NBC New York a while back. If you listen closely too, Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) mentions about everyone’s favourite monkey Annie’s Boobs about getting its own TV show… it’s in reference to this show which actually stars the monkey.

So, until Community Season 4 actually airs, every day will be October 18 until October 19 comes.

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