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It’s amazing how far YouTube has come along since the dial-up days. From a simple low quality video of a kid acting out his Star Wars fantasy in his garage, to renting movies and TV shows and even making sketches and segments on channels to make some coin. But what’s the best thing YouTube can be for?

Fail videos.

There’s a shitload of channels professionally collected and imitation ones (you can usually tell by how low quality the videos are), so to wind down your Friday or to space out and laugh – don’t turn to your nation’s funniest home video on your TV: watch uncensored carnage on the virtual tube! Here’s a couple to get you started.


Originally I didn’t want to buy into this channel, but after seeing so many fail compilations being low resolution, FailArmy hold up their side of content and imagery.

Next thing I knew, I check in every Friday to see a new compilation – just in time to end your working week. At the end of each month, a compilation of the entire few weeks are put together as a delicious summary.


This one is intriguing. Just when I thought some simple US citizens are portrayed a little daring and clumsy, out comes the people from the Ukraine. The channel is based on a popular blog of the same name English Russia, which the blog writes about everyday life of Russia, showing things that aren’t so war-based or Chernobyl-ridden. The channel compiles homemade videos or everyday people doing crazy things from building homemade helicopters, private vodka-filled parties, driving vehicles held together by sticky tape, and other crazy antics.

Which leads to..


There’s many con artists trying to make a quick buck from car insurance scams, but in Russia, Alexei Volkov, a bus driver, cracked the shits from being accused of smashing into cars and pedestrians with his bus. To prove he is in the right, he installed a dashboard camera “dashcam” and filmed the crazy stunts people do to try and screw him over. Death threats, guns, weapons.. you name it.

Pure dodginess at the very best.




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