Which Came First?

Kavalee and Lawson. I think.
Kavalee and Lawson. I think.

Here’s a good laugh for you if you need to chill for 20 seconds.

Actors Ed Kavalee and Josh Lawson – best friends with amazing talents (TV/Radio/Film respectively) whipped a quick animation together around a simple thought which has plagued man-kind for centuries…

But beforehand, Kavalee has starred in many a TV show such as Thank God You’re Here, Santo Sam and Ed’s Sports Fever!  and many others.

Lawson currently stars in Showtime’s House Of Lies as well as recently signing a deal to appear in Anchorman 2 – the sequel to Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy starring Will Ferrell.

Anyway, when they get bored and piss-fart about, this happens…

Looking forward to Anchorman 2 now, aren’t you?



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