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Retirement at its best: RED2

Badass old people!
Badass old people!

RED2– the sequel to DC Comic’s RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) was a high-energy action-comedy-romance (yeah romance, seriously) that keeps you entertained from start to finish. It is my humble opinion that RED2 is a true stand-alone sequel that would be a great addition to anyone’s movie collection for the more than occasional re-watch.

If you have not seen RED, I recommend watching that first as there are several fun references that make containing your laughter a bit more difficult, it is totally worth it. RED2 stars Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren reprising their roles as retired agents. Although we lose the irreplaceable Morgan Freeman, they did a pretty damn good job with Anthony Hopkins and the very chiseled Byung Hun Lee (who’s name I will now remember).

The movie starts out revealing the attempted domestication of Frank (Bruce Willis) and Sarah (Mary Louise-Parker) as they shop at Costco picking up various home essentials. You again see the adorable chemistry between these characters as Frank attempts to live a normal retired life and keep his love safe, while Sarah is head-over-heals for the adventure Frank introduced to her (in RED…watch it). This relationship “conflict” adds a bit of excitement as the movie continues, with Sarah getting herself into some fun of her own with the help of Marvin, and Frank attempting to learn to deal with it. Louise-Parker has a much more prominent role as Sarah this time around, and does a lovely job, overall, holding her own against the more seasoned cast with her quick wit and hilarious one-liners. The opening scene continues with Frank sending Sarah away as he has noticed “incognito” Marvin (Malkovich) in the adjacent shopping isle. Marvin is attempting of course, to convince Frank to get back into the game, explaining things are getting hot and his help is needed. I was very pleased to see that Malkovich gained a lot more screen time; his character keeps you in stitches once again.

Immediately after this scene the fun starts… shit hits the ceiling (literally, wait for it LOL)! One-by-one each character gets an opportunity to reveal they have NOT lost their ass kicking abilities in retirement. The action sequences are frequent enough to keep things moving along but not often enough to make you roll your eyes at the inconceivableness of it. The quick-witted humor and cleaver one-liners make you laugh-out-loud, a lot. Victoria (the awesome Helen Mirren) proves once again you can rock the big guns while looking fabulous, her action sequences are tops! The on-screen chemistry between her and Han (Hun Lee) is a blast; see a sneak peek of it in the RED2 Official Trailer.

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays a decent supporting role as Katja, Frank’s “kryptonite” ex, giving Sarah someone to love-to-hate; jealousy always adds good fuel to the fire of love. Anthony Hopkins serves up a nice little performance; with a glass of Chianti and side of fava beans, if you know what it mean, adding a bit of “crazy” comedy to second half of the film.

It is totally worth seeing (some might say better than the first)- especially on the big screen! You will for sure leave feeling much better about retirement 😉

[xrr rating=4/5]




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