Trailer: Walking Dead Season 4

We have Bieber Fever! oh.. and BRAAAINS!
We have Bieber Fever! oh.. and BRAAAINS!

The evilness that is The Walking Dead is back. Well, not “now”, but soon.

After the major dealings that Rick and the gang had to put up with in dealing with The Governor throughout Season 3, while trying to keep the prison in a spick and span condition, a few popular characters lost their lives in the process. It just shows that if you’re in The Walking Dead, you’re not guaranteed to see the end of the season.

The new trailer for Season 4 is out, and what a decent length it is at just over 4 minutes. This is how you do trailers. None of this 15 second teaser stuff.

What do we expect from Season 4 in October? The gang gaining a few friends after losing a few – still defending themselves and surviving on all things possible.

And more walkers. Lots and lots of walkers.

And even D’Angelo from The Wire is in it too. Looks like he escaped Baltimore after all.

Check your internets or cable TVs for times and dates of viewability.



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