Where are they now: Ace of Base!

Ace of Base- SignMy life was forever changed when I saw The Sign, it was my first ever cassette tape and I loved it. Ace of Base was officially part of my life, their songs had nothing and everything to do with me. Yeah, the good ol’ day’s!

Fast forward to today and the closet thing I come to “The Sign” is the clearance section at IKEA, being Swedish as well that is not too bad.  But that does make me wonder, where are Ace of Base now?

After forming in the early 90’s Ace of Base (1991 – 2007), with members: Ulf Ekberg, Jonas Berggren, Linn Berggren, Jenny Berggren hit the studios to record a demo for the song Wheel of Fortune (not the game show theme song), in hopes they could shop it around and strike a deal, unfortunately the Swedish labels were not convinced by them just yet. It was not until 1992 when Mega Records, an independent label out of Denmark, got wind of the group that things started happening. After releasing “Wheel of Fortune” as a single, and recording a modest music video, the song finally landed on the charts, making it to the #2 spot in Denmark, #3 spot in Sweden, and #20 in the UK.

By 1993 it was a beautiful life for Ace of Base as the world , including the US, was going crazy for their pop-techno sound, walkman everywhere blasted “All That She Wants” in people’s head for as long they could handle the gradually heating earphones. Their début album Happy Nation/ The Sign peaked at the #1 spot in 6 countries including the US and Canada, hit the #3 spot in Sweden, #9 in Australia and grossed about $30 million world-wide.

Unfortunately though they failed to see the sign that things were starting to change.  After the release of Happy Ace+of+Base+Ace_of_Base__svensk_179006mNation/ The Sign, Ace of Base went on to release three more albums: The Bridge, Flowers/ Cruel Summer, and Da Capo all of which displayed steadily declining chart positions and gross earnings, with Da Capo peaking at the 21st spot in Denmark, and grossing a “whopping” $650,000 world-wide.

All they really want now is to have a bit of success. In 2010 “Ace of Base” regrouped, well… kind of, Ulf and Jonas did, probably after realizing they were running out of cash, and recruited two more women: Clara Hagman, and Julia Williamson to take the places of  Linn and Jenny (who both left the band). Together the re-branded “Ace.of.Base” (notice the periods between the words) released the (inappropriately named) album The Golden Ratio , which peaked at the #20 spot in Germany, and #100 in Sweden.

As for the ladies of Ace of Base: Linn has basically disappear from the spotlight since her departure from the group as announced by Jonas in 2007, although it has been stated that her presences had been sketchy through-out the successful life of Ace of Base in general.  Jenny on the other had has moved on with her solo career, with the release of her first single “Here I am,” and first solo album “My Story” in 2010.  In 2011 Jenny performed  “Let Your Heart Be Mine” to enthusiastic fans for the Eurovision Song Contest national finals, unfortunately she did not make the top four.

Well that is it, more than you ever wanted to know about Ace of Base.

It’s a Beautiful Life, The Bridge, 1995-1996:

Enjoy! 😉






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