Books to Movies: 50 Shades of Grey

Anastasia Steele

So with Dakota Johnson and the newly casted Jamie Dornan in place to take on the roles of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in the film adaption of the first book in the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy one question cannot be avoided: will the writing for the movie be better than the writing in the books? If you have not read the books then you may not fully appreciate this question. I admit, yes. I read two of the books in the trilogy, I felt it was very important to see what all the hype is about given for the first time in my life several of my conservative lady friends spoke so candidly about the rough, erotic, very naughty….subject matter.

Christian Grey

After reading the first book I admit I was intrigued by the story enough to continue to the second book and overall I did enjoy the dynamic between the characters, and the “relationship” that developed throughout each book. Unfortunately the writing is the reason I did not continue to the third book (for the record I am not a writer so the errors in my writing do not make me a hypocrite – haha 😛 ). I found myself skimming more than reading because E. L. James liked to repeat many of the same lines over and over, and if you read one sex scene you basically read them all. So I hope very much they correct this issue for the film, as am not sure how many times I can handle hearing the following lines on the big screen over and over:

Laters, baby.” –  “Because I’m fifty shades of  fucked up..” – “Holy shit” – “Holy Fuck”- I’d like to bite that lip.” – and worse of all …..“My inner goddess….”

Looking on the bright side, one good thing that could come from a movie with repetitive lines would be a drinking game, so win-win when you watch it at home maybe??

Anyway, back to the movie; if you have read the books then you also know that the majority of each book is about the submissive and dominant sexual relationship between the characters in and out of the Red Room. I am very curious how they will pull off some of the scenes without making a porn. I assume this movie will obtain a NC17 rating if they plan to go all out – if you will.

I realize there are plenty of chick-flicks for women and correct me if I am wrong….. but I think this is one if the first major trilogies that will have a largely female fan base, so I say – way go ladies!  There will not be one talking robot, Wookiee, or walking tree anywhere in this or the second film when they make it. (I cannot comment on the third movie since maybe everything changed in the third book..)

50 Shades the movie is currently slated for an August 1, 2014 US release date, keep your eyes peeled for the first teaser trailer!

AND: Read the books before seeing the movie so you know what you’re getting into!

Enjoy 😉






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