Kimye, you’re doing it wrong!

Someone’s riding the shift a bit too hard…

First off, it’s Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, so I don’t blame you for eyeing off the exit sign.

Second off, I give Kimye credit, because it’s gone viral for the good and bad reasons.

Fair enough, Kimye are happy in love and earning a shitload of wad and have a child together. Good for them. But this is where the line has been drawn numerous times.

To promote more singles released from his latest album Yeezus, Kanye employed a green screen, a prop motorcycle, and a computer that did a Windows screensaver of scenery to show up in the background. Oh, and his other half – the one with the norgs, gyrating on the motorcycle in obvious karma-sutra positions, all to promote the tune “Bound 2”, which has the ever-grammatical loving lyrics that will have women melting at their knees.

Seriously, if the ever gorgeous Shakespearian inspired “I want to fuck you hard on the sink/After that, give you something to drink/Step back, can’t get spunk on the mink/I mean damn, what would Jeromey Romey Romey Rome think?” is not saying “I want to make passionate love to you and make you spit/swallow afterwards” clearly enough, then there’s something wrong in this world. Yes, I’m aware that I’m making it worse by promoting it.

But whatever happened to the simple romantic connections that couples had in video clips? I haven’t been so aroused by a music video since the Minogue sisters strutting their stuff with their significant others.

But wait, Kylie and Dannii have long since left those guys behind… so Kimye might be onto something. Just make sure you take the mink coat to the dry cleaners afterwards.



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