The Solicitors- Quicksand passed the Car Test!

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7:00am Friday morning arrives hard with vengeance and excitement; all you want to do is get through the day to celebrate the weekend… 7:30, in the car, slam the door, bust out the iPod, looking for something that fits the mood. Remembered I had a track from a new indie band, The Solicitors out of Melbourne figured, there was no time like the present to see if their new single Quicksand could pass the car test. To pass the car test the melody has to fill the car with a spark of energy as it is blasted in your face. You should be unable to resist lip-syncing, even though you do not know the lyrics yet. But most of all it has to sound good and keep you entertained for the drive, helping you forget about the work ahead.

*Drumroll please* It totally passed! Quicksand is a fun little tune with a great melody and unexpected lyrics. This song pulls you in with its fast-paced energetic guitar sound, and an irresistible beat coupled with lyrics that bring a little reality to life, it’s not your sappy love song that’s for sure; perfect for a Friday morning!

This song sticks with you throughout the day, it’s the type of earworm you are not trying to push out of your head. Their pop-rock sound has a fun retro quality you just do not find in new bands these days!

Here’s the video check it out!

To learn more about this fantastic up-and-coming band  and to hear more of their new-wave sound check out their website and connect with them on Facebook!!

Enjoy! 😉














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