Review: Safety Not Guaranteed

SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED Safety Not Guaranteed is a charming movie that follows the journey of Darius a college student on her first assignment as an intern, as she assists the in investigation of the author of an offbeat wanted ad.

Starring Aubrey Plaza  (from Parks and Recreation) as Darius, Jake Johnson (from New Girl) as Jeff, Karan Soni as Arnau, and Mark Duplass (from The League) as the time traveling Kenneth.  Safety Not Guaranteed begins with Jeff, a staff writer at a Seattle-Based Magazine, accepting an assignment to investigate whether the author of a unique wanted ad is in fact serious about his request.  Jeff selects two interns to join him on this assignment: Darius an independent college student with a dark past, and Arnau a smart virgin; and together they go on a road trip to find the author of the ad. After a bit of research they discover Kenneth; an offbeat and very paranoid superstore clerk, the author of their wanted ad, and begin investigating his fascinating world.  Their journey is a hilarious, witty, heartwarming, and filled with unexpected turns.

This lighthearted movie is great for a night in with a glass of wine by yourself or a viewing with your closet friends. It shows you what is possible if you truly believe in something.

Check out the trailer, then watch it!

[xrr rating=4/5]

Enjoy 😉



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