Ghostbusters: The Sex Change

After months of speculation we have more speculation. The internet is buzzing with what appears to be the “unconfirmed” lineup for the Ghostbusters all female reboot; with Bridesmaids stars Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, and SNL’s Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones all in “early” stages of negotiation.

Based on what I’ve seen from most of these ladies they do have the comedic and acting chops to pull off a very entertaining reboot of Ghostbusters, assuming the writing is there. We can only hope the reboot will not include the sex change operation each Ghostbuster had to go through over the years. Although many hardcore Ghostbuster fans are still skeptical or completely against the idea of a “Reboot” at least with this lineup it stands a fighting chance at accomplishing its goal, which is entertaining a new generation of super fans. If you have lived under or around a large rock and are not familiar with the four funny ladies in “early” stages of negotiation; here for you is a bit of their kind of funny.

 Leslie Jones

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Leslie Jones joined the cast of SNL after a bit of controversy surrounding diversity on the show, despite being hired as a writer on SNL in early 2014. She is a bit new and I am not as familiar with her SNL skits but here is a rather fitting one titled: Ghost Chasers, where she plays Rhonda Banks, scientist and resident skeptic.

Jones is a bit of a wildcard if you were to ask me, I think she is the biggest risk… and as she stated she may not be “built” for chasing ghosts.

Kate McKinnon


SNL cast member Kate McKinnon recently made headlines for her Calvin Klein Ad, where she displays more masculinity than the subject of the skit. She made her SNL début on April 2012, and has continued to bring the laughs since then. She brings the funny to characters like Olya Povlatsky, the Russian woman who one-ups current event struggles on Weekend Update with the struggles of the people in her village and Shelia Sauvage, the drunken bar goer who regularly knocks boots with any intoxicated man (the host) at the bar at closing time. She also does fantastic impressions of Barbara Walters, Martha Stewart, Shakira, and Penelope Cruz just to name a few.

Here she is taking on Justin Bieber and his tiny bulge:

Overall she will do great as a Ghostbuster I think, I have not seen her in a movie role but she is funny, is great with physical comedy and could really bring a good bit of something for everyone to her potentially new Ghostbuster role.

Melissa McCarthy


Next is funny lady Melissa McCarthy a breakout star in the female comedy world. She was one of the first women rumored to be connected with an All Female reboot of Ghostbusters, starting with a statement  from Bill Murray a few months ago. Once her name was released as a potential GB the idea of an All Female cast became a little bit more exciting. She is able to take on so many different roles both in comedy and in non-comedy movies. Bill Murray was recently reported as being a fan of McCarthy after working with her on the 2014  movie St. Vincent, so if he can be a fan, so should you.  If you have been too stubborn to see the movie Bridesmaids as of yet you better get on it soon to see exactly what two of the rumored Ghostbusters can bring to the table.   Here is a nice little clip of Melissa as Megan in Bridesmaids:


Kristen Wiig


Last but not at all least is my favorite Kristen Wiig! Wiig was also one of Mr. Murray’s suggested female Ghostbusters if in fact they chose to go in such direction. Kristen has gone down in SNL history as one of the funniest cast members during her seven-year stint. The way she morphs into her characters and the people she is impersonating is unbelievably funny and looks painful. She has also taken on many hilarious movie roles including the female hit comedy movie Bridesmaids which further established her as a queen of physical comedy. I cannot wait to see what she is able to do as a Ghostbuster if she completes her “early” negotiations positively, I have a feeling there might be an instance or two of some “stream crossing” just to watch her act it out.

Here because it is available the Fucking Cookie part of Bridesmaids ***Spoiler***, one of many hilarious outbursts of hers….

And just because it is available…. No spoilers….

Well there you have it! The four women in “early” negotiation stages to take on the available roles in  Mrs. Ghostbuster. While feeling a little bit better about this idea, hesitation still sits with me as I would hate for this movie franchise to be tainted by a potentially unnecessary reboot, but can open the mind up to it a bit more. Fingers crossed!

Here’s hoping!

Enjoy 😉


UPDATE! The Ghostbusters Facebook Page just posted the release date of the new Ghostbusters movie… so odds have it. This is not speculation!

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