Super Troopers 2 Crowd Funding


Remember that sleeper comedy stoner / drunken film that came out in 2001 that had a relatively unknown main cast that was based on highway patrol officers vs another highway patrol officer district that fought against each other to keep their headquarters going or otherwise they’d face closure so they got up to crazy antics and inside jokes to keep themselves entertained while stumbling upon a drug smuggling syndicate?


While you catch your breath – here’s a refresher.

Well, the guys of Broken Lizard moved on a had a few more movies after their major hit of Super Troopers, but couldn’t really live up to the hype of their first major commercial film.

After an avid fan base complained for years to make a sequel, they got off their arses and wrote a script. Hooray! But the issue now… no studio really wanted to throw them money to make it their way.

So, they’re doing a Veronica Mars / Zach Braff and turning to crowd funding on IndieGoGo.

So, if you enjoyed the crazy moustache rides, goddamn litre of colas, and the shenanigans of the first film, felt okay with Club Dread, had to drink more than you should for Beerfest, and ended up renting The Slammin’ Salmon from your local Blockbuster (whaa??), help them kick-arse again and drop a few coins into the pockets of the Broken Lizard team.

At the time of this post, they had reached $1.5m of their $2m target. With only 30 odd days to go, check out what they have to offer for rewards and push them over the line!

Linkage here:

… and it’ll be the second time you got crabs.



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