Ant-Man Trailer

Derek Zoolander finally demands a movie for ants to screen in the Centre for Ants


It’s getting to that point (or unless, we’ve already been at this point for donkeys years) where a Teaser trailer doesn’t cut it anymore for a movie trailer. Also it’s a great way of building hype for Marvel‘s latest obscure comic book hero to get their own movie.

The much problem-plagued Ant-Man has had a well documented rocky start for years, with delayed production and people pulling out of their own pet projects, but Paul Rudd‘s Scott Lang finally has a full proper trailer, after Marvel released a 30 second trailer to promote the release of the full trailer.

Yeah.. so skip that 30 seconds of wasted space, and go straight to the proper trailer… with Michael Douglas‘s Hank Pym, Evangeline Lilly and that alcoholic dude from Season 1 of House Of Cards

If they can do this for Ant-Man, imagine what they could do for Louie the Fly.



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