Five Teen films that need a remake

The two-headed Prinze was  getting used to the view
The two-headed Prinze was getting used to the view

Straight to the short and curlies – cult classic 90s teen film She’s All That starring Rachel Leigh Cook and Freddy Prinze Jr is getting a goddamn remake / reboot / new lease in life for the modern young teen adult.

You know, the “I was a fucking bet?!” girl who loved being an individual until the token hot cool dude was dared he could make any nerdy chick the coolest woman in school, but they all fell in love in the end. Oh, and the one where all the school kids knew how to dance accurately to Fatboy Slim’s Rockafeller Skank tune when played by DJ Usher on the ones and twos.

Which is very weird since it was a modern adaption of the 1964 film My Fair Brady Lady.

Anyway… the good people at Tracking Board have provided the info of the Weinstein Company and Miramax are remaking the 1999 film which is apart of every 30 something year old’s DVD collection at the back of the shelves.

Since Hollywood are into this “remake”or “reboot” craze, here’s five teen films from the 90s that should get the same treatment too.

5. American Pie (1999)

The pie has been cooling for over 16 years now. Plus they could aim it at hipsters saying the pie is organic and gluten-free, so your doodle won’t get hives.

4. Ten Things I Hate About You (1999)

Use Zach Efron to replace the great late Heath Ledger‘s character and Jennifer Lawrence to play Julia Stile‘s character… or something.. hell – they did a TV series on the movie! It was based on a Shakespeare play The Taming of The Shrew, so you’re on the same path as modernising an older story.

3. Clueless (1995)

Come on! This is a given! 75% of the script can be Emojis and short form  texts, tweets and Facebook updates. Like totes! Plus it was based on Jane Austen‘s Emma. AND it was spun off into a short lived TV series too.

2. Empire Records (1995)

You have two choices for store location – a metro JB Hi-Fi store competing against another JB Hi-Fi store, or the offices of iTunes. Your call.

1. Varsity Blues (1999)

College football potentials sign up for major league for a few million, have rape allegations, drug and alcohol issues thrown at them, have a racist team owner, post some career-destroying tweets and instagrams and retire hurt. All before playing 3 games. Then they can become a commentator for Pay TV.

Your move – Hollywood!



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