Flashback: Perfect Match That’s Not So Perfect

Hello, ladies..
Hello, ladies..

Back in 1984, there was a dating game show that dominated the ratings on Channel 10, called Perfect Match.

The concept was simple. Originally hosted by Greg Evans, the show had a single contestant hidden behind a wall, with 3 members of the opposite sex  on the other side of the wall, answering questions asked by the contestant. The answers would range from serious to cheeky ways. After 3 questions, the contestant would have to choose which date they prefer. The 2 contestants not chosen, would walk around the wall, introduce themselves briefly (read it as “cold shoulder”), then the wall would be pulled back to reveal the chosen winner. Dexter, the love robot, would then spit out the calculated details on who was actually the ‘perfect match’ for the contestant. Then the host would present them with a potential prize if they decide to both agree go on a date / trip interstate for some potential rumpy-pumpy with the film crew watching on. You can translate that to gratuitous holiday resort shots that act like a long advertisement or a contra deal. A few days / weeks later, the potential couple would return and talk about how the date went – sometimes with some bizarre results. The show lasted on and off from 1984 to 2002 with various hosts.

Dexter the robot. He then became human and killed people.
Dexter the robot. He then became human and killed people.

Upon doing research for something else (honest…) I stumbled across this clip on YouTube of a contestant named Darren, daring to find his dream woman with his chick-magnet leather jacket and dream-pilot skills. With himself being ‘personality plus’, even the 3 women contestants were slightly unsure, except for one – who appears to be keen, but not so keen. While everything seems fine when Darren chooses his ‘dream woman’ Nadia, there are smiles from ear-to-ear, and they win a weekend romantic trip to Darwin. A perfect match.

Nadia. Sweet on the outside, twisted on the inside.

Until they return with a report on the trip.

Here’s some key notes before you watch:

  • This was in the ’80s, so the decor and fashion was ‘classy’.
  • The show is meant to be for SINGLE people… well, it’s meant to be.
  • Host Greg Evans knows how to carry the show, especially in awkward moments.
  • Cliche resort panning shots.
  • Some things mentioned by Darren, I do not condone – but if he mentioned them on TV now, there would be backlash all over social media.
  • Someone was in it, just for the prize… of a state-of-the-art car radio.
  • It appears Darren is very honest, and Nadia takes it to a grain of salt.

Enjoy this roughly edited fairytale of Darren and Nadia – the dysfunctional perfect match.




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