Flashback: The Extraordinary

It’s 1993 in Australia. There is a healthy dosage of locally produced comedy on TV, and the odd drama (Paradise Beach does not count). International US hit The X-Files has starting to show some ground with the supernatural and paranormal, getting the ratings on Channel 10… the testosterone and estrogen brigades are running wild.

Then, there’s this guy with a deep gravelly voice:


Warwick Moss.

He is the host of a new mystery documentary series on Channel 7 – The Extraordinary.

If you ever wanted to be spooked by fantastic story-telling and compelling imagery without the horror, then this was your show.

The hour long (43 minutes, give or take) show consisted of 4 -5 stories of ghosts, paranormal activity, urban legends, and unsolved mysteries. From local areas in Australia, to overseas locations, every nook and cranny was covered, including local and international personalities and stars telling their own personal encounters with the phenomenon that would give you goosebumps.

The Extraordinary was a successful show, lasting 3 years on Channel 7 before being poached by Channel 9 in 1997, where it ended its run. It was successful enough to be taken up by US broadcasting to be re-dubbed there by US personality Corbin Bernsen.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official DVD or digital release – only episode on YouTube.



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