Hollywood and Coffee

It’s one of those mornings where you wake up to start the day and you need your hit of flavoursome coffee to get your body motor running.

But shock horror!! Your coffee stash has been depleted!


You could easily run down to the local store to buy some more of the black gold, but there’s so many varieties and flavours, you have no idea which way to go. So to help you choose your delicious bean to grind, let the Hollywood red carpet take you the way you may desire. Why big name stars? Because someone out there is a fan of their work, so you can trust them as a marketing tool. Your favourite celebrity promotes – you may purchase this brand.

Caffe Aurora Coffee – Rico Rodriguez (2013)

This one is a given. Rodriguez is a household name thanks to his role as Manny in the show Modern Family. His character Manny was established in the early seasons as a young child who acted too maturely for his age, and loves his coffee. What a great spokesperson to find the perfect Espresso!

Vittoria Coffee – Al Pacino (2010)

No need to play Devil’s Advocate here. Playing on Pacino’s Italian heritage who are known for their love of coffee, and with credibility more than you can shove coffee beans in a bag for, you can always trust someone who is passionate and dedicated to their work of art. Especially when their days consist of getting up at the crack of dawn to film their latest work (let’s not remember Jack and Jill.. shall we?) Vittoria approached Pacino to star in a four-part series of commercials, explaining how much he loves his coffee.

Nespresso – George Clooney and friends (2015)

Who would’ve thought capsulated coffees could be so trendy? Only to the thanks of George Clooney, he makes something so small.. so big. With Hollywood A-Listers coming out of the wah-zoo, the adventures of Clooney and his mission to have a perfect Nespresso without any disturbance goes on. But it’s getting to that point though where he should give up the small drink and just chill with an iced coffee…

David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee – Jennifer Lynch (2015)

If you really want your coffee to stand out, this is the way to do it. While Director / Actor David Lynch is very well known for his twisted and artistic films and TV shows, he REALLY loves his coffee. Take his critically acclaimed TV show Twin Peaks – it’s basically a two season long coffee commercial with added cherry pie. Whenever Lynch is not working on any projects, he is maintaining his signature brand of coffee beans. I personally was going to buy a bag at his art exhibition a while back, but I couldn’t justify the $70 price tag. But I’m sure it is “Great Coffee!”

To help promote the signature coffee brand, his own daughter Jennifer Lynch whipped up this commercial, which is a bit of a spin-out. But that’s the way The Lynchs work.




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