New Batman vs Superman Footage

Just when you start to lose interest in a film prior to the long delay in release, BAM!

No wait… I mean..


.. a sneak peak from a blockbuster hits the internets.

In this case, so you don’t lose any interest and you’ve worn out the replay button on the teaser trailer released mid 2015, then another trailer a few months later, we get an “Exclusive Sneak” preview of more Batman vs Superman – Dawn Of Justice.

It seems that ol’ Supes is a tad pissed off too, as Batman might have left a steaming pile of number twos on his door step.

While we still have many months ahead of us for the movie to hit the silver screen, you can read the graphic novel here: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1 – Frank Miller, Klaus Janson & Lynn Varley

UPDATE 2015-03-12: here’s the new full length trailer dropped by Warner Bros.



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