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Spotlight: Jamie Dunn

In Episode 1 of the Wireless Fodder Podcast:

Comedian, singer-songwriter, voice-over, radio host, and all-round entertainer Jamie Dunn drops by for our first ever podcast.

From starting off being a songwriter, to taking the reigns of a hand-puppet that would dominate the childhood of Generation X and Y, and being a breakfast radio host, Dunn has a CV that’s a mile long.

He talks about how he landed the role of Agro, ended up on breakfast radio in Brisbane, as well as behind the scenes in producing a children’s TV show and the Logie Awards. We even dive into his music career, and what he is doing this present day.

Note: we had a bit of construction ambience during the chat, but it didn’t last too long. Sorry for the hammering and grinding.

Podcast Media Cheat Sheet

Fiona MacDonald and Agro
Agro's merchandise
Agro’s merchandise

Jamie Dunn hosting a Blues Brothers TV special

1988 Logie Awards opener

Agro presenting Best Childrens Program at the Logie Awards

Jamie Dunn’s singing career

Agro’s Cartoon Connection bloopers

Agro’s Cartoon Connection Theme

Agro and Friends



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