Trailer: Independence Day: Resurgence

It’s that time of year where there interwebs are being inundated with movie teasers and trailers for next year’s potential blockbuster hits.

Also it’s to slap them on at the start of the film you’re going to watch over the holiday seasonal break.

Independence Day: Resurgence is just one of them.

The sequel to the 1996 sci-fi mega-hit starring Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Randy Quaid and Bill Pullman finally has a trailer launched – minus Quaid (for obvious reasons in the first film) and Smith.

Though I am disappointed the sequel title wasn’t called Independence Day 2: Independing Harder, the general public were unsure if Smith’s character Capt Steve Hiller was coming back. But thanks to the ‘archival’ site, you get to find out his future (or click here if you want to go straight to the source). But at least we know Goldblum is alive and well… unless Richard Wilkins kills him off again.

Independence Day 2: Independing Harder Resurgence is due US Summer 2016.

Until then, enjoy a Goldblum laugh track from Jurassic Park.




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