Homer Simpson Goes Live

Our favourite beer drinking, doughnut eating man is about to come alive on national television, thanks to roto-technology.

Towards the end of the 27th season of The Simpsons (May 15th US time, that is) the voice of Homer Simpson Dan Castellaneta will be putting on the roto-sensors and talk live at the end of the episode for three minutes.

The roto-motion process is commonly used in CGI in films these days  – a strong  use of it is by basically nearly every film Andy Serkis stars in (Lord Of The Rings, for example).

In the late 90s, Fox Studios Backlot in Sydney had a roto-capture demonstration where a member of the audience would wear the suit and play the Aussie Tobias walking through a field a la Bart vs Australia episode, but it has since been taken down from YouTube.

And let us not forget the Animotion episode where Homer invests in this technology, only for it to go down south.

As Homer, he’ll be answering questions tweeted by fans live (twice, East and West Coast). FOX will be taking the questions via Twitter using the hashtag #HomerLive between May 1 – 4. So start prepping now!



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