Totally Wild Remix

Get out your hypercolour shirts and rollerblades out because this is awesome…

Across the retro Australian TV landscape, in the 1990s, there was an educational show on Channel 10 that taught kids young and old about the fauna and flora of the world. Ranger Stacey (who moved on from Agro’s Cartoon Connection) hosted this cool show that school kids watched in the afternoons, but one thing that was unique about this was that it had an awesome theme song.


Then some Melbourne producer by the name of Coach Bombay (real name Terry Mann) took it one step further and did something we all needed to hear – turn the theme song into a techno number.

The last time someone did this was Pendulum who whipped up the ABC News theme by Tony Ansell and Peter Wall.

Be gentle with the glowsticks – they’re not good for wildlife.




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