Scrapheap: Jackson Mendoza – Venus Or Mars

Occasionally I’ll be rummaging through the scrapheap of the office (read: standard CD collection) and stumble upon a WTF moment with a CD or DVD of some sort that I’ve collected somewhere along the way.

Casing point is this CD single from 1999.

OMG - a physical CD single
OMG – a physical CD single

Natalie and Rebecca Jackson-Mendoza make up the Aussie sister-singing pop duo Jackson Mendoza who tried to make a dent in the music industry in the late 1990s, but successfully failed.

The J-M sisters already had a developed acting background – Rebecca appearing in ozploitation flick Howling III (1987) and Natalie appearing in TV shows (Wildside in 1998). Along with singing tonsils, the two of them hopped into a recording studio and churned out this electro-pop-rock-rap track Venus Or Mars, which hit the shelves in 1999. It even came with a heavy CGI-action themed video clip which was a little confusing.

Venus Or Mars peaked the ARIA Charts at Number 24 and stayed in the charts for 10 weeks. The CD single came with 3 tracks – 1 radio edit, 1 remix (Coursey & Arden’s Venus Mix) and 1 instrumental. This instrumental seems to have been used as the backing track for the duo to sing along to, such as appearing on Good News Week in 1999 to promote their bubblegum pop track. The timing is a bit off, but you get the idea.

After this song disappeared, they released another track Ordinary Girl, but after again hitting the peak at 24 on the ARIA Charts, it disappeared after 3 weeks. They disbanded shortly after. There was an unfortunate tragedy where Natalie nearly lost her life in 1999, but has since recovered and went down the acting path again, with much more success.




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