Watch & Listen: DNC’s Fight Song

While Republican US Elect Nominee Donald Trump got ripped into by the team at Saturday Night Live, it was time for the Democratic Convention with Hillary Clinton up for nomination.

While there wasn’t much hoop-la with Trump & Co with entertainment, they did drag out TV’s Scott Baio. So that’s something.

For Clinton though, the celebrities came out in droves. Meryl Streep got all respectful, Alicia Keys tickled her tonsils, but it was the striving force of Elizabeth Banks who cranked it up a notch by gathering a bunch of friends and producing an acapella of Rachel Platten‘s tune Fight Song.

Just some people who popped up in the video were Banks, Platten, Mandy Moore, Julie Bowen, John Michael Higgins, Eva Longoria, Jane Fonda and a lot more.

Without rambling on with political nonsense, here’s the video that Banks enjoyed posting on her Facebook page.

The whole convention was quite impressive, it even got up the back of Trump himself.

You can also watch the 4+ hour convention on PBS’s YouTube account here.



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