Watch: The Daryl Somers Show

God bless the internets. Some TV gold has surfaced from the Somers Carroll archive!

While we have ultimately confessed our fandom for Ausralia’s longest running variety show in the past, it appears that Daryl Somers has been doing more digitising than just the Hey Hey It’s Saturday episodes.

While searching for some porn article research for this site, I stumbled across this little doo-hickey from the past. While Somers was riding the wave of a successful children’s show with his sidekick Ossie Ostrich with Hey Hey, he was hosting Family Feud which increased his profile. When Feud got cancelled, he had time on his hands, so in 1982 Kerry Packer had a burger and swig of Fanta and gave Daryl his own variety show – sans Ostrich – called The Daryl Somers Show.

The concept was pretty simple – musical talents, guest stars, sketch comedy, and daggy suits – all for the more mature audience.

The show was moderately successful, lasting 18 months and helped him with the Gold Logie in 1983.

At the moment, Somers Carroll have shared the first ever three episodes from it’s birth in 1982, so subscribe away if you want more, as these episodes aren’t available on DVD etc.

I, for one – love this stuff, so keep sharing away, Dags!

While you’re at it: HeyHey.TV – enough said.



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