The “Thrilled” Mashup tribute album

In a decade where mashups ruled the internets, White Albums were Grey and Green Day was Dean Gray.

With a strong influence by the American Edit album of 2005, we took to task on creating a tribute mashup album for the 25th anniversary release of Michael Jackson‘s Thriller album, in 2008.

After spending months playing the bedroom DJ, the task eventuated into nine tracks of attempted mashability. Thrilled was available to obtain for a short period, and the Michael Jackson fan-base lapped it up.

With samples of Destiny’s Child, The Prodigy, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Run DMC, Eminem and many more, 42 minutes of glory was born – until hibernation set in and Thrilled was completely forgotten about… until now.

Cleaning out the hard drive, the tracks were rediscovered – and now are here for all of glory to see.



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