Life Accordion To Trump

Parodies of the next U.S. President go up a notch from satirist Huw Parkinson.

If you’re a public figure, you’re open to the topic of satire / parody from all walks of life, no holds barred. So with failed beef steak seller Donald Trump heading to the White House after January 20, there’s an already established list of parodies from the Hollywood elite.

Futurama voice-over talent Billy West began to quote Trump-isms using the voice of the bumbling oaf Zapp Brannigan, nailing the mannerisms perfectly.


There’s also Darth Maul v/o talent and comedian Peter Serafinowicz creating “Sassy Trump”.

Speaking of the Star Wars universe, Mark Hamill, also known as the voice of D.C. Comics animated Joker, started to quote Trump lines under the creepy tone of the green haired, white skinned psychopath.

Now, the new entry to this universe of amusement is from production wizard Huw Parkinson, who regularly features on ABC TV’s Insiders with a mashup of political parodies. His latest creation is making the internets belly-laugh like no tomorrow, making use of Trump and his hand movements. Just insert an accordion, and you have pure golden showers.

You can check out more creations from Parkinson at

It’s going to be an interesting four years.



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