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Mariah Carey’s New Years Lip Sync

2017 can’t come quick enough for the singing Diva.

During a live broadcast of the annual Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest in New York, celebrities and bands come out of the wazoo to wrap up the year that was and bring in a fresh new year with no errors.

In a way to wrap up 2016, singing Diva Mariah Carey took to the stage 20 minutes before the giant ball slid down the pole and sang a few of her hits.

And when I say “sing”, it was more of a lip-sync that was out of whack… or sync…

During the start of her performance of her 1990’s chart topping hit Emotions, Carey’s vocals slip out of place, with an awkward performer trying to turn it onto the unfazed crowd to sing and allowing her stage dancers try and pad for time. While doing her best to blow it off and wait for the next track We Belong Together to start and align her singing in time. Unfortunately, the internets and people playing at home witnessed it all.

Wait until the very end of the video were Carey expresses her thoughts.

Someone backstage will cop a stiletto heel from her – it’ll make a great little story piece on her reality show Mariah’s World.

Here’s to 2017!



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