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Someone has shared some Pot Luck gold (or crapola)

Someone in their right mind has shared some bits of one of Australia’s daggiest talent shows.

In 1987, Channel 10 screened a talent show Pot Luck with Ernie Sigley as host, alongside celebrity chef Bernard King and various guest judges. Everyday people would turn up to either perform a song and dance routine, magic or anything they would find entertaining. A score would be given out of 100 from each judge and added to the scoreboard. Usually King would give a low score after a degrading and raw critique on what he actually thought of the presentation he just witnessed.

Only one season was produced, and full episodes are not available. In 1993, the second season of The Late Show screened handpicked moments of certain talents that were cringe-worthy, off-key, or just downright ‘what the fuck?’ moments. Even a disastrous performance by a choreographer Todd Rixon made international clip shows after dancing to a Prince song and he tore a hamstring while trying to do a high kick.

However, someone has dusted off their VHS copies and slapped a few performances on the YouTubes. While the quality isn’t 100%, you can witness the awkwardness of some of the finest talent Australia had (and possibly still has) to offer, along with King’s sparkling repartee.

PS: Look out for Piffy The Bellringer.




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