Trailer Dump: Logan, Power Rangers

Action is where it’s at in two new trailers from the sizzling movie reel.

While the rest of the world is distracted by loony politics, the last few days have been a treat with two new trailers out and about on the internets.

First off the rank, a new trailer for the third and final installment of everyone’s favourite blade-welding, arse-kicking X-man, Wolverine… aka Logan.

With Hugh Jackman’s possible final outing with the character he’s made his own since 2000, we see a world in the future where all the mutants are wiped out, sparing a few (Logan and Professor X – Patrick Stewart). With the storyboard echoing the ‘Old Man Logan’ format, it shows that Logan is out to protect what appears to be X-23 – a young girl with similar powers to himself.

Logan is out March 3, 2017.

Now, flash back to the mid 1990s to your TV childhood, with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – 5 kids from High School who are chosen to fight intruders coming to earth. While we all copped a 1995 feature film already, this is a modern reboot starring a fresh young cast, plus Bryan Cranston as the mystical Zordon and Elizabeth Banks as the evil antagonist Rita Repulsa. Will the newly formed team able to save earth? Find out March 24, 2017.



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