Twin Peaks Gets A Launch Date

U.S. channel Showtime finally releases the date of David Lynch‘s finest work.While the entire world has patiently waited on what has happened in the world of Agent Cooper and his world of coffee, cherry pie, possession of BOB and other things that are wrapped in plastic, U.S. cable channel Showtime have finally released the date of the return to Twin Peaks – 25 years after the fact.

Mark in your diaries May 21st, 2017 (22nd May, 2017 for Australian viewers on Stan) for the return of Cooper and many beloved characters, including our very dead prom girl Laura Palmer, deaf-defying Agent Gordon Cole, and many others.

With the odd tease video releasing gradually, we can wait until May to see whether Cole (David Lynch) will finish his donut.

And how exactly is Annie? Since this scene was the very final part of the show, as it was ceremoniously axed, leaving the show on a huge cliffhanger.

Twin Peaks Season 1 – iTunes
Twin Peaks Season 2 – iTunes



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